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Daytona Beach Emanadas

When you are mulling over what dessert to serve to your family, the word chimichanga probably isn’t the first to come to mind.  These delicious dessert wraps are stuffed with strawberry cheesecake filling, rolled up, and then fried to a crisp. This cheesecake chimichanga might just be your family’s new favorite sweet treat!

Sweets Menu

Two Key Lime Cheesecake Chimichanga  
Key Lime Cheesecake Tucked Inside a Crispy  Deep-Fried Tortilla Sprinkled with Powdered      Sugar Topped with Whipped Cream, Lime
Drizzle and a Florida Treat.


Two Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichanga  
Strawberry Cheesecake tucked inside a crispy      Deep-Fried Tortilla Sprinkled with Freeze Dried  Strawberries, (from our friends at Moon  Munchies and Beyond), Plus Whipped Cream & Strawberry Drizzle.



A Little Taco Trivia

Ralph Rubio is widely credited with popularizing the Baja-style fish taco in the early 1980s (via San Diego Magazine). Baja, a fishing town in San Diego, was known for its beer-battered tacos, complete with corn tortilla, cabbage, and Mexican crema.

Modern fish tacos emerged in the 1950s in the Baja city of either Ensenada or San Felipe; it's an ongoing debate, with both cities claiming to be the "home" of the fish taco. From their tiny stands, street vendors in these cities produced simple, inexpensive fare fast.

Resized_20220725_175504 (1)_edited.jpg

We were a participant in

Alberta On The Plate Festival

and this is our submission

"The Bowled and Beautiful

Bison Taco Bowl"

Have a Spec-Taco-ular Day!

Daytona Beach Taco Meals
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